What To Do If Bags Do Not Arrive

Loss or Delayed or Damaged

What should I do if my baggage does not arrive at my final destination?

Your first action is to report the delayed or missing baggage to the respective airline representatives or to attendants at the baggage service center of your respective carrier to your final destination.

For example, if you flew Korean Air from Incheon International to Los Angeles and then flew Delta to New York, you will need to locate a Delta representative or the Delta baggage service center. Other steps to take:

  • Provide your baggage tag claim tickets.
  • Complete the appropriate claim form. You will need to list baggage contents, baggage brand/description, your contact information and other details.
  • Stay informed and check the status of your lost phone or online with WorldTracer, a global computerized baggage tracing system used by Korean Air

Property Claim Form open new windowpdf

Damage or Delay Claims

If any of your checked bags are damaged or contents are missing, Korean Air must be notified in writing within 7 days of your receipt of the checked baggage.

Delayed baggage claims must be made to Korean Air in writing within 21 days of your receipt of the checked baggage.

In case of baggage delay, Korean Air provides one-time payment of USD 50 to the passengers if the arrival city is not their hometown and do not have any acquaintance (family or friends) to get help so that they may purchase basic necessary goods. 

Tips to Prevent Lost Bags

  •  Ensure a name tag with contact information is securely attached to your baggage.
  • Confirm baggage tag details: Destination, number of bags, weight and name.
  • Compare your attached baggage tag to your baggage check receipts to ensure you don't leave with another passenger's baggage.