Incheon Airport

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Transit Tips for International Connections

  • When in possession of a boarding pass for connecting flight: Confirm boarding gate on information monitor and proceed to gate.
  • Without a boarding pass for connecting flight: Proceed to Korean Air transit counter B and complete check-in process for connecting flight.

Transit Tips for Domestic Connections

  • After completing the CIQ (Customs, Immigration, Quarantine) and clearing customs, claim your baggage. Then proceed to the connecting airline’s check-in counter on the terminal’s first floor to obtain your seat assignment and to check baggage.
  • If your connecting flight is departing from Gimpo Airport, you should go to Gimpo Airport and proceed to check in.

For international flight passengers transferring in Korea, duty-free liquids must be packed inside of STEB (Security Tamper Evident Bag) with the accompanying receipt. There must be no evidence that the bag has been opened.

Tips for Transit Exclusive Domestic Flights

These unique domestic flights, between Busan's Gimhae International Airport and Incheon International Airport, operate as international flights. Passengers are not required to pass through customs and immigration until reaching the airport of their final destination.

International flight transferring to Busan

International flight transferring from Busan

Additional tips for these special flights:

Busan-Incheon-Overseas Route
  • At Busan Airport, check in at international terminal.
  • After completing the CIQ service (Customs, Immigration, Quarantine), proceed to the "security check" area.
Overseas-Incheon-Busan Route
  • At Incheon, all passengers must transfer and proceed to the security check area. (Must clear CIQ in Busan airport.)
  • If you clear CIQ at Incheon - regardless of any circumstance - you will not be able to board Transit Exclusive Domestic Flights for Incheon-Busan.
  • If you do not receive a boarding pass at an overseas airport, you need to check in at the Incheon International Airport transfer counter.
  • Passengers cannot use the duty-free shop in Incheon when transferring Busan.
  • Duty free liquid items purchased at an overseas airport or in cabin must be inside of STEB (Security Tamper Evident Bag) with receipt.

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