Merchandise Award

Redeem your SKYPASS miles to buy Korean Air Logo products.

Mileage Redemption Products (Representative products)

Mileage Redemption Chart details
Item Redemption Miles
A380-800 1:100 Aircraft 34,000
Teddy Bear Set 12,000
A380-800 1:200 Aircraft 8,000
Junior Teddy Bear Set 7,000
Jeju Pure Water Set 6,000
MICOMIC 3D Aircraft Set 6,000
Blanket Set 3,000

Service User Guide

  • The products are available on Korean Air Website (only in Korea, Korean site).
  • The products are not permitted to ship outside Korea.
  • Family Plan Miles Pooling is possible.

Shipping/Return/Exchange : Cyber Logitec Company limited (Tel 1544-4060)